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I never quite meant to become a professional lever harpist - like many of my contemporaries, I began to play the harp as a child out of a love of the instrument, having some vague idea that I would go to music college and study classical music (the accepted route to becoming a musician at the time).

However, I was never a well-behaved pedal harpist - an upbringing based more on improvisation and folk music meant that sticking precisely to a score was never going to be my strong point! I began to develop my own style of playing and performing using elements from both my classical training and my background in improvisation and free-arranging, applying these ideas simply to 'music that I liked', regardless of genre.

Perfect Dream
(by Ivan Bashkirov)
Concerto d'Aranjuez
(mvnt II)

Whilst I do still play the pedal harp occasionally, and enjoy exploring its harmonic possibilities (which are very different from those of the lever harp) the lever harp still has so many avenues to be explored that I have never (yet) returned professionally to the pedal harp!

I consider as much of what I do to be about allowing audiences to see the capabilities of the lever harp as much as it is about my own 'performing'. I always endeavour to play a range of music which I feel allows audiences to understand the breadth of music that it can play - from traditional Celtic melodies to jazz, via South American tunes as well as some perhaps less well known contemporary pieces which inhabit an entirely different tonal world.

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