Tamsin Dearnley

Harpist Composer Sound Designer Translator

Curious about the harp?

Let me teach you! The lever harp is an incredibly versatile instrument, and surprisingly accessible. I teach both private lessons and group workshops to all ages and levels.

Tamsin Dearnley harp teacher
Tamsin Dearnley harpist giving a concert
The lever harp is an exceptionally versatile instrument - from traditional Celtic music to jazz via contemporary atonal and electronic music, take a glimpse into what it can do...
A fascination with music and a master's degree in composition led naturally to an increasing fascination with sound itself...
Tamsin Dearnley sound designer working at recording sound effects
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A love of languages has run side-by-side with my love of music for as long as I can remember. Sadly, you probably have no need of my Alternative Alphabet (copyright me, age 7), but I can translate from Japanese and French into English if you need!